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''I like especially the fascinating mood enhancing process where at the beginning of the work you have just a few sketches on a paper and at the end of your work the idea becomes a reality. 
It always improves my mood.''


Yana Thal
The antidote to the monotony of the high street shops.

The brand mission is to satisfy the need for expression through the garment.
Yana Thal eponymous collection accomplishes the delicate balance between an artful, avant-garde ideal with the ease of classic europiean design.
This concept produces collections aimed at women who are far from conventional, with intellectual curiosity, wanting to risk and provoke to some extent.

Yana Thal is brand founded in 2007 by Czech designer Jana Thalova . 
Jana is diploma specialist in Fashion design from Pague, Czech Republic. 
After her studies, Jana lived and worked several years in Longon designing clasic corsets for london based brands and learning the principles of its construction using clasic corsetery methods.
This experience alowes her to merge the Central Europe influence with English and American spirit.
Jana is committed to innovation and differentiation, with collections inspired in the art world, but also with garments that can be used for day to day wearing. 
Infusing each distinctly feminine piece with sharp tailoring, soft drape and hint of retro inspiration, her clothes embody the modern interpretation of timeless dress.

Yana Thal products include small collections, individual and specially designed models and also couture pieces.
The model creation and creating original collections emphasis is on choice of interesting materials, timeless cut solutions and quality craftsmanship.


In addition to work on separate collections Jana like to do also smaller projects or collaboration with other artists in the form of concept.

In recent years she is actively fighting for the promotion of recycling, both at the level of organic waste,
and inspire others through recycling clothes.

Eco friendly projects:
2012 - 2014 Creation of recycled models of used clothing. cooperation 11Koček
2010 - presentation of the collection of natural products - Biostyl 2010
2009 - presentation of models from recyclable paper and plastic - Biostyl 2009

2013 - Yinothai
The original limited collection of dresses variable reading into the city, which tell a book Miss. Fashion collection with a story in which you can put on, hide, wrap and tangle. The collection reflects the need for modern women consistently read while fully live.
2012 - Assumpta
A collection based on the play of light and shadow, ethereal elusiveness and geometric strictness. Assumpta but also the girl who wants to play. Born of contradictory baroque of him but neodnáší decadent bombast, but the contrast and playfulness.
2011 - Dans Une Forêt
A collection inspired by a walk through the woods. Model are printed landscapes artist Aleš Novak and his progressive cut reflects the delicate internal balance of contemporary cosmopolitan and yet romantic women.

Events and presentations:

2014 / Exhibition Bress Code Book in GASK - 
2013 / Designblok 2013 - Presentation of the collection Yinothay within the concept pinkabinet
2012 / Fashion show of collection "Assumpta" - Jazz Republic / 19. 5. 2012
2011 / KomiksFEST 2011 / Fashion show "The Dark Cat" Clubhouse 2nd floor / October 28, 2011

2010 / KomiksFEST 2010 Fashion show ''Barbarela "- MeetFactory / 30. 10. 2010
2010 / "Chemical Affair" - exhibition in The Chemistry Gallery - 11. 9. 2010
2010 / Fashion show of collection "Dans Une Forêt" - Lounge 2nd / June 17, 2010
2010 / Opening of Roman Franta at New Hall Gallery - Models for hostesses - 6. 1. 2010
2009 / Presentation and sale of original design - Market (a /  Gallery (a / 26th -27. 9. 2009
2009 / The show of recycled paper-plastic models - Eco-Fair Biostyl 2009
2009 / Fashion show "Summer 2009" - A Studio Rubin / 2. 7. 2009
2009 / Fashion performance "Metamorphosis" - Shevening in Chapeau Rouge / 1.5 2009
2009 / Show and presentation - CODE: MODE / 3-5 4. 2009
2008 / Fashion show "Fjäril Fight" - 28. 6. 2008 at New Hall Gallery

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